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Can Your Website Do This?

Be read by an audio screen reader?

A screen reader uses text-to-speech technology to translate website content into speech so people with vision impairments can listen.

Be navigated entirely by keyboard?

People with mobility issues may have difficulty using a mouse, trackpad, or touch screen. A visitor should be able to navigate your website with a keyboard.

Magnify elements on hover?

The ability to magnify elements on hover helps with focus. Site visitors should easily magnify every element on your webpage including images and forms.

Display dynamically variable font sizes?

People with low vision may need dynamic controls to scale screen fonts to as much as several hundred percent larger than original size.

Change colors and color contrast?

Offer a range of color transitions from muting brights to applying contrast for the needs of site visitors with vision or cognitive challenges.

Use large cursors in different colors?

Help site visitors find what they need by scaling the screen cursors to HUGE in different colors to work in combination with other site modifications.

Welcome Everyone with an Accessible Website!

You’re missing the quarter of your market* who lives with a disability if your business website does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)!

You could even be sued for non-compliance!COMPLY NOW!

The Easy Solution to Website Accessibility Compliance

Reach all potential customers – Avoid an ADA lawsuit

We’ve partnered with AccessiBe, the leader in AI-powered compliance solutions for websites

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Accessibility is Now Automatic

Leverage the power of Automated, State-of-the-Art AI Technology. Choose your options and add one line of code to your business website.

Your business website is scanned and analyzed. Compliance Modifications are Implemented Automatically as your site visitors choose them.

Each site visitor can customize their experience of your business website to learn about what you offer.

On-Going Defense Against Lawsuits

Your business website will be Scanned, Every 24 Hours. Accessibility features will be automatically updated when site modifications are detected.

An accessibility statement and a certification of performance are made available to your site visitors—including curious law firms.

Get a monthly audit confirming your business website is in compliance.

Make It Your Own

Color-coordinate the Accessibility Widget and button symbol with your branding.

Choose from TEN Accessibility Symbols your site visitors will recognize. Customize the shape, color, and position.

Brand the widget footer with Your Business Logo or company slogan. It can even be a hyperlink! (limitations may apply)

Compatible with any CMS, site builder, or open-source code

Go ADA Compliant

$57500 per year DO IT FOR ME!


Managed Accessibility

Let us handle the coding for you! We’ll help you choose your options and add a custom footer! Custom options subject to review

$49000 per year I CAN DO IT!


Do It Yourself and SAVE!

Copy and paste one line of code into your site. You’ll have a dashboard to set all options. Keep it simple or customize it!

Each subscription renews annually unless canceled


I have a small business. Does my website have to meet accessibility guidelines?

Some 61 million Americans live with a disability.* In 2018, the Dept. of Justice defined a business website as a “public accommodation” that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the law that bans discrimination on the basis of disability.
Under the ADA, you may be legally obligated to offer Accessibility Features on your business website for people with visual, cognitive, or mobility impairments.**

Can’t I just make changes to my website?

Meeting the Guidelines of the ADA and the WCAG is difficult and complex. Attempting to make changes to your website manually would not only be laborious and almost certain to fall far short of what’s needed but would also require constant maintenance.
Attempting manual website modifications would be time-consuming, costly, and unlikely to meet compliance.

Are businesses like mine being sued?

All kinds of businesses are being sued. Certain law firms are engaged in the practice of searching for businesses with websites that lack Accessibility Features. They cannot sue for monetary damages but they can collect legal fees. The plaintiff does not even have to be a disabled person who experienced an issue with a business’s website.
The risk is real. Your business could be sued if your website fails to comply with ADA and WCAG Guidelines.

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